Simdrone is a real-time UAV flight simulator. It helps to reduce costs and minimize risks during UAV operator training

   and throughout the development of UAV and payloads. Simdrone is 100% compliant and integrated with the weControl autopilot.

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General information:

Simdrone is a new and unique UAV and payload simulator, developed by H-SIM. It allows UAV operators to train in real-time to operate UAVs, in a virtual environment that is realistic and accurate, but without risks and constraints of a real flight. To ensure the highest possible realism during simulated operations, Simdrone uses actual UAV autopilot in its control circuits. Simdrone is the ideal tool for pilot and mission training.


Simulated UAVS:

The system allows training on both helicopter and fixed wing UAVs.


Key advantages:

For UAV manufacturers:
 • Feasibility testing.
 • Platform analysis and development.
 • New usage concepts.
 • Testing new payloads.
 • Demonstrations, pre-sale.

For forces:
 • Training of UAV operators.
 • Procedure training / on-going training / refresher flights.
 • Optimizing and rehearsing operational missions


Training with the actual ground station:

The system uses real data generated by the actual UAV autopilot to provide an extremely realistic simulation.
Simdrone is fully compliant, and fully integrated with the weControl autopilot (wePilot 1000) flight control system.


Simulated environment:

The virtual world in which the UAV flies is modelled in 3D with photo textures, and contains all the necessary features to simulate a mission in operational conditions.
 • Realistic lighting conditions (time of day).
 • Real geological features and terrain database.
 • Photo-textures.
 • Urban areas.
 • Forests.
 • Coasts, lakes, rivers.
 • Mountains.
 • Actual roads, highways and railroad network.
 • Airports.
 • Models of specific areas of interest.
 • Ground objects (grass, rocks, etc.)..



Payload simulation:
The system generates real-time video to simulate the payload output in both visible and IR modes. This video is piped to the actual video station as in the real system. The payload also has the same controls and functions (Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Stabilization) as the real system.


Simulation features:
The user interface allows the operator to access simulation features to modify and control the simulated environment:
 • Multilingual interface (English / Spanish / German / French – more on demand).
 • VCR type controls (replay forward / backward) whenever needed, without interrupting the flight.
 • Simulated weather functions (type and severity) (clouds, fog, rain etc).
 • Display options (flight panel, UAV trajectory).
 • “Computer Generated Opposition Force” can be user-programmed to make simulated operations even more realistic (see below).
 • Display of telemetry data.


Tactical Environment:
The operator can add « computer generated forces » in the synthetic environment, and so enhance realism and training capabilities. Fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters, trucks, boats, blimps, can be added; which will follow a user defined flight plan. The system includes a user friendly utility, for editing flight plans. The computer generated forces can also use artificial intelligence (AI), so that they react to their environment (fleeing, pursuing, hiding, attacking, etc.).



System evolution:
The simulator system is based on proprietary H-SIM software and on actual SURVEY Copter equipment. Its content can evolve and new features can be added upon demand.
These include, but are not limited to:
 • Specific 3D databases, training databases (mountain, sea, urban areas).
 • Specific training features.
 • Computer generated forces specific features.
 • Specific 3D objects.