We develop flight simulators and software for aviation and defense:

                – Flight simulators for UAS  and drones systems

                – Flight simulators for multispectral airborne sensors and gimbals

                – Concept simulators: to test and validate virtual prototypes of future systems

                – Flight simulators for crew training

Product development

Through our flight simulators we help our defense industry customers to give life to their new concepts, aircraft or equipment.
From the very early stages of a new concept, our simulators are key systems that enable our customers to :
✔ Test and validate their designs
✔ Provide convincing pitches to their final customers
✔ Rapidly iterate and test solutions to shorten the design phase
✔ Reduce design and development costs

Additionally our simulators help our customers to :
✔ Provide end-user training in a virtual environment
✔ Demonstrate the end product to prospective customers
✔ Generate additional income when resold as part of the overall package.

H-SIM has a strong background in flight simulation, UAS / drones and software development in a defense context.

The following are examples of systems that we are currently, or have previously worked on :
SAFRAN EUROFLIR 410 training simulator, for Euroflir 410 S,M,D.
SAFRAN EUROFLIR 610 (STRIX NG) development and prototyping simulator for the TIGER MK III helicopter.
WESCAM MX-15 Optronic Turret
✔ UAS systems for Microdrones Gmbh.
✔ UAS systems (fixed wing and rotary wing) for Surveycopter/EADS (Airbus)

Your project and our expertise

Typical products:
✔ Flight simulators for drones and UAS systems
✔ Flight simulators for ISR camera systems
✔ Flight Simulators for training
✔ Flight Simulators for prototyping and testing
✔ Mobile flight simulators
✔ Realtime image generators
✔ GIS software
✔ UAV ground control stations


Technology we master :
✔ Fixed wing and helicopter flight dynamics
✔ Real time simulation
✔ OpenGL
✔ DirectX
✔ openAL
✔ C++ / C#
✔ Unity
✔ MS Visual studio / Xcode
✔ Windows / iOS
✔ Firebase

Some examples of recent projects we’ve completed for our clients

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